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Amazing Experiences

The Caudill Experience

Most events—trade shows, expos, conferences, concerts, stage shows—are just that. They’re events. Interesting, even exciting in the moment, but quickly forgotten. A footnote of the mind.

Caudill Pictures & Entertainment events are something else entirely. Not mere events — Experiences. Amazing experiences that envelop audiences and attendees with cascades of light, sound, and imagery. Experiences that excite. That stir imaginations and enthusiasm. That generate new and lucrative business. And we make it incredibly easy for you in the process.

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Ryan Caudill

Ryan Caudill — award-winning founder and chief creative architect of Caudill Pictures & Entertainment — knows how to deliver amazing experiences. During his 20 years in the event and expo industries, he and his team have engineered and executed breakout shows for some of the most creatively demanding names in business and entertainment. Their credits include: HGTV, Discovery Channel, TLC, Oprah, HBO Emmy Awards, E3 Expo, US Open, Mannheim Steamroller, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Fallout Boy, and dozens more.