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A successful show environment includes three main elements, each of which must be executed flawlessly:

  • Set & staging, or the show’s physical design.
  • Multimedia content that plays during the show.
  • The audiovisual technology that runs the show.

We work with you to maximize the quality of each.

The set & staging is the scenic design that brings your brand and message to life. To achieve this goal, we:

  • Plan your show’s overall scenic ambiance.
  • Build the components of your set and stage.
  • Assemble your set and stage on site.
  • Protect the quality and integrity of your set and stage both before and during your event.
  • Oversee the careful shipping & storage of your set & stage both before your event and afterward.
  • Handle any additional scenic needs—from tables and chairs to signage and floral décor.

Scenic & Staging